More layers = More problems

Layers add complexity…. And complexity leads to problems. We peeled back the layers and re-engineered the core. Our 1 piece, 3/4″ thick All-Weatherboard composite material, simplifies in more ways than one. Not only will you be grilling in no time… Zero layers means zero issues.

"Their" Product

5 total layer

"Our" Product

Single layer 3/4" Poly

Trying To Find A Single Trustworthy Solution For Your Outdoor Kitchen Is Frustrating.

No one wants an outdoor kitchen that begins to fall apart in the first 2 years

No one wants an expensive contractor who learns on the job and makes you
pay for their mistakes

No one wants to be blindsided with unexpected costs and hidden fees
No one wants their project to take so long that they miss peak BBQ season
No one wants to spend dozens of hours being the general contractor of their own project

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